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Shakespeare 4353 AM/FM On Glass Antenna
360˚ view
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Shakespeare 4353 AM/FM On Glass Antenna

Shakespeare 4353 AM/FM On Glass Antenna

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Shakespeare Style 4353


This innovative design lets you put an AM/FM antenna on your boat where it won and #39t get in the way. It is a clear tape with embedded antenna elements. Its permanent adhesive strip lets you attach it quickly and easily onto your boat and #39s windshield or any smooth, nonmetallic surface. It comes with a 6 and #39 cable and attached and quotMotorola type and quot plug.

Technical Specifications:

Frequency: 550-1600 KHz, 88-108 MHz
Impedance: (Ohms): 93
Termination: 6 and #39 RG-62 cable, Motorola Plug

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