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Scanstrut 6" PowerTower Composite f/Radomes and Small Satcom/TV Antenna
360˚ view
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Scanstrut 6" PowerTower Composite f/Radomes and Small Satcom/TV Antenna

6" PowerTower and reg Composite for Radomes and amp Small Satcom/TV Antenna

Fits: 2kW/4kW Raymarine Garmin and Navico BR24/3G/4G radomes

Expertly designed to install your antenna on the cabin roof, flybridge or radar arch of your powerboat, providing a clear view of the horizon for maximum antenna performance.

Scanstrut's Composite PowerTower offers a single "monocoque" structure for outstanding strength and surface finish. Its aerodynamic shape and high gloss finish makes a product that is as strong as it is attractive.


  • Watertight Installation - Pre-fitted IP65 gland to seal cable entry into stem and a watertight base seal included so no need for messy sealant
  • Ease of Install - Pre-drilled mounting holes, the antenna fastens to PowerTower top plate using own mounting bolts
  • Choice of Heights - 150mm (6") or 350mm (14") heights available
  • Aesthetic Single Piece Moulding - Curves and strength to suit any boat with a 30 and deg aft leaning profile to compliment any powerboat

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