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Perko 1-1/2" IPS Intake Strainer Bronze Made in the USA
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Perko 1-1/2" IPS Intake Strainer Bronze Made in the USA

Perko 1-1/2" IPS Intake Strainer Bronze
PERKO Intake Strainer are designed for easy installation and cleaning.
Features include mounting lugs cast into both sides to assure universal
mounting, four outside tie rods and a 316 stainless steel strainer basket to
minimize electrolysis. Screen hole diameter .077 inches, 46% open area.
Hinged lugs for the cast bronze cover permit easy removal and cleaning of the strainer basket. A drain plug in the bottom casting is provided for
easily removing sediment and draining for winterizing.

Cast bronze.

Please note: Spare parts for this item are NOT interchangeable with
the Perko 0593 Flushing Strainer.

Technical Information:

  • Pipe Size Inches: 1-1/2
  • Height Overall Inches: 11-1/2
  • Width Overall Inches: 7-1/4
  • Model Number: 0493008PLB
  • Dimensions Cylinder Inches: 6 x 8
  • Dimensions Basket Inches: 3-5/16 x 8-7/16
  • Open Area to Pipe Size Ratio: 17.1
  • Ship Weight: 14.1
  • Spare Gasket Kit: 0493DP999M (or) 99R
  • Made in the USA

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