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Paneltronics Digital AC Ammeter- 0-100ACA
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Paneltronics Digital AC Ammeter- 0-100ACA

Paneltronics Digital AC Ammeter- 0-100ACA

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Digital AC Ammeter- 0-100ACA

  • Monitor marine/land based power distribution and generating systems (ABYC E-
  • AC voltmeter and AC ammeter are true RMS (ABYC E-
  • Surface mount with only two 5/32" diameter holes
  • Window mount in standard 2.5" analog meter cutout (2.90" W X 1.28" H)
  • Three digit LED display (Frequency meters are two digits)
  • Reversed Polarity Protected
  • Splashproof front
  • Includes pigtails, mounting hardware, and instructions

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