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OceanLED Explore E6 Colours OceanDMX Control Kit
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OceanLED Explore E6 Colours OceanDMX Control Kit

OceanLED Explore E6 Colours OceanDMX Control Kit

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Explore E6 Colours OceanDMX Control Kit

Take control of your OceanLED Explore E6 lights via your iOS or Android device. Free to download and easy to use. and nbsp

Sync with Music

To use audio control, simply attach your vessel and rsquos sound system to the DMX controller via a standard audio jack.

Wave Mode

In wave motion mode, you can create a dramatic display whilst on the move upon wave impact.


  • Use strobe mode to attract bait and catch more fish
  • Create your perfect lighting display with any colour you wish
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Single Colour Mode
  • Cycle Mode
  • Strobe Mode
  • Dynamic Audio control mode
  • Dynamic Motion control mode
  • 6 storeable presets
  • Free download for iOS / Android
  • Compatible with OceanLED E6 Explore
  • Unlimited Colour Control
  • Easy to use menu system
  • Dedicated WiFi access point
  • IP66 Controller with semi transparent lid

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