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Navionics Platinum+ Mexico/Central America - microSD/SD
360˚ view
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Navionics Platinum+ Mexico/Central America - microSD/SD

Navionics Platinum+ Mexico/Central America - microSD/SD

$295.35 $257.80
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Platinum+ Mexico/Central America - microSD and trade/SD and trade

  • Marine charts
  • One foot contours inshore and nearshore
  • 3 and rsquo and 6 and rsquo contours offshore beyond 90 and rsquo
  • Daily updates and advanced features for one year

Head out with confidence! All the same marine content and advanced features found in Navionics+ are augmented with 3D View, satellite overlay and panoramic photos to provide the ultimate situational awareness. Designed with the most demanding boaters and serious anglers in mind, these additional viewing options can be used on a growing number of GPS plotters. Quickly target the best spots and catch more fish! Daily updates and advanced features are included for one year. Simply plug your card into your PC/Mac and register online at USB reader provided.

  • Preloaded with Nautical Chart and SonarChart and trade Community edits are downloadable.
  • Enjoy advanced features: SonarChart and trade Live, Advanced Map Options and Plotter Sync.
  • Enhance SonarChart and trade with sonar logs you collect and nbsp
  • Included tides and amp currents, safety depth contours, navaids, coastal points of interest, and port services information
This product may not be returned to the original point of purchase. Please contact the manufacturer directly with any issues or concerns.

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