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Fortress SFX-23 Stowaway Bag f/FX-23
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Fortress SFX-23 Stowaway Bag f/FX-23

SFX-23 Stowaway Bag for FX-23

The Perfect Anchor Storage Solution!


  • Now you can easily store the spare and storm anchors you need!
  • Custom designed for all Fortress and #153 and Guardian and #153 anchors
  • Made from top quality, rugged ballistic Cordura and #153
  • Securely holds everything: Anchor, 6 (2 m) chain, shackles and wrenches
  • Includes spare clips and wrenches

The experts agree: Having storm anchors aboard can make the difference between safety and disaster. The Fortress Stowaway Anchor Bag holds everything you need to deploy your Fortress or Guardian anchor quickly. No more searching for wrenches, shackles or chain. With the Stowaway system, its and quotin the bag and quot!

The Stowaway bags are built to last in the rugged marine environment. The bag closure as well as the straps (which serve as convenient carrying handles) are high strength, extra wide Velcro and #153. Inside each bag are pouches to hold the correct size wrenches (included) and even a spare fluke clip, bolt and nut (also included). Easy to understand diagrams are sewn into the bag to take you through anchor assembly and bag-packing procedures.

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